Making Holiday Sugar Cookies, Holiday Fun in the Kitchen

One of our yearly holiday traditions is baking sugar cookies, and decorating with the whole family.

We use a really simple recipe that is easy to make, and so delicious. 
We also make traditional and easy royal icing. 
Our children love to scoop, measure, stir, create, and roll the cookie dough💕 We have embraced lot's of floury goodness everywhere, making extra icing for spills, and exuberant decorating. This was the first year that we took decorating inspiration, from an amazing video we found online from Glorious Treats  here! 
We (of course) had lot's of free form, unscripted fun as usual 💗

The colours were a fun departure from the usual red and greens, which are beautiful to us as well. We mixed two greens, blue, and left one white. We use concentrated gel colours, and mixed them with wooden disposable craft sticks. Our children have always mixed their colour into the icing this way, because they find it easy to dip into the containers and mix right away by themselves. 

These designs are so simple and gorgeous! I remember drawing many trees like this when I was tiny. We used wooden tooth picks to draw the icing up into trunks for the trees, as per the video. This is a technique often seen in crafting to create marbling effects.
We opted not to use our metal icing tips though you can certainly get a cleaner result doing so (if you wish). Disposable bags (you can clean and keep if you wish) work really well for this. 
I tied ours off at the top with elastics. You can roll the elastics down the bags as they empty out, and this is so nice to help keep the icing in the bag while your children practice holding the bags.


We loved this fun and gorgeous design, to add to our yearly holiday cookie decorating fun! 💕



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