The Joys of late Planting, In the Garden Montessori Home Learning

We were very late by standard to plant our garden this year. We have never planted past mid June (still late by many standards). This year we planted in Mid July! We planted for the pleasure of planting, and in the end to see how things would go. 
This was amazing to watch as a family, to see exactly how this change would effect the life cycle of our garden. Should you plant late rather than never? Of course this is your choice, and completely depends on the circumstances. 

We are thrilled that we did, it would have been hard to imagine our summer without it. 
Harvest is different of course and many things are later, but yet we've had many 
treats from the garden.

I thought I'd share a few pictures of how things have grown to this point 💕

We've had a couple of harvests of lettuce, and from the looks of it that is not slowing down anytime soon 😀 We were more selective of our choices in plantings and scaled back from our usual selections, but still have a good variety. We planted beans, carrots, radishes, lettuce, zucchini, celery root, kale, spinach, onions, Swiss chard, peppers, and tomatoes. I think that's it?

Our zucchini is late, but growing well with lots of fruit happening.
Radishes are prolific so that was not an issue. Ava is holding a watermelon radish below 💗

Beans are late but coming in so nicely now! Of course we have many garden friends 💚

We have released a great deal of new botany materials for those who may be interested. Botany materials have always been a favourite, and we shall be revisiting many in the months to come💚

I so hope you are enjoying the remainder 
of summer in these parts 💕



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