NEW!! Montessori Botany PDF Materials are Available!!

Hello out there! We have been having the most amazing and busy Spring... and NOW Summer!! Time is flying! 

I wanted to share a couple of updates with you all. 
These updates are materials related. 
One is that we've had many requests for traditional Botany core materials and I've had these in the works for some time, and wanted to share that we have released them. 
Here are the materials and full package. More details can be found at our webstore.
There are so many other materials available, but we were interested in creating the core materials for our collection here.
We branched out and added materials to our home collection from this starting point, to fill our children's requests and interests further.
There is so much available to you online, so have fun with it!

These materials are amazing to add in along side your traditional materials if you have them, or completely on their own!

These are the materials we used when our our children were expressing interest early on in botany. Our children were always looking for a hands on science feel and type of experience, and these materials filled that need for them. 

When and how you use these materials will completely be your decision at home. Mastery of names and parts were never our our goal. The overall experience and joy they had/have while exploring their natural environment was of the up most importance to us at home. That being said I will say as I always say... do what works best for your family.

We will be posting about the release of our book very soon! The release will include a giveaway to thank you all for your interest and patience! 
Thank's for visiting with us!



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