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We are a very crafty family and love all things hand craft related. This is a beautiful table top (or floor) loom that we were given for Christmas a few years back. Ava loves this loom and is getting back to using it again.
Weaving for small children is a practical life, and motor skill development goldmine 💕 Our children have done many weaving projects simply because they loved doing it, and the side benefits were a lovely bonus.

I've posted about weaving in the past, and this loom was a fun step up from the loom we used here.

There are so many looms on the market. We loved this one because it was so well designed and simple to use. It is very easy to set up to create a variety of project widths.
The toughest part about learning to use this loom is to remember the shuttle position. I am certainly not a weaving expert, but in this simple design the beater which Ava is holding below works to separate the yarn and lift or lower every other thread to move the shuttle through and beat into place. So it holds the thread and also acts as the beater, as opposed to using an additional comb to position the threads tightly, if that makes sense. 

 If you are looking for a loom I would certainly recommend this one. This loom was a Christmas gift from family and not sponsored in any way. I thought I would share this for those who are looking as we were for a quality loom that was relatively simply to use that will grow with your child.
Ava leaves and comes back to this loom with great interest. She's not completed a project with it but is enjoying the process of revisiting it. I on the other hand think that I will take it on and perhaps create some fun rugs for her dollhouse 💗

We have created a fun set of Basic Tabletop Loom 3 Part Cards, Booklet and Diagrams that you are welcome to download for personal use only. The artwork and graphics in this set were created by Making Montessori Ours.

Happy Weaving!



  1. Is the one pictured the Beka? This looks so fun!

  2. So could we start with this one or use on of the smaller ones you recommended? My boys are 4&6.

    1. It depends completely on your children. I can tell you that both of our children started with a few threads on the smaller Peg Loom. I think that practising the action of weaving through the threads/yarns is great to start, even with just a few threads on the loom to get the action down. This is what we did, and then moved on. That being said you can easily wind a rectangle of cardboard with a few wraps of yarn, and practice weaving in this simple form before moving on. It's entirely up to you <3


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