Learning Practical Measurement With Crafts, Math At Home

This is a kit that we purchased. Ava found it and absolutely loved it, so this is not a sponsored post. This is an amazing kit that it so simple. It will help your child to explore basic measurement in a practical way that will interest them. 

They will be working with simple tools like a ruler, nail clipper, sharpie, and a pencil. They can measure and cut their own pipe cleaners to length. Ava loved the independence she felt in doing all of these tasks on her own!

The book has simple step by step instructions. Ava selected the pipe cleaners by size, texture, colour, and number. She followed written instruction to measure and cut various pipe cleaners to length.
Then there is the assembly component. This requires close attention to instruction, and also practice to twist and create coils with your fingers and pencil, making this a fun fine motor exercise.

Ava spent a great deal of time with this kit, and we wanted to share it with you. It's such a great combination of fun, while practising some basic skills!

 Have a happy creative day!



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