Solar System Activities For Kids, Montessori Science At Home

                                       I thought I would share our latest Solar System project fun.                                  We found this simple kit and really loved it. 

The planets and stand require assembly. The kit comes with paint for your planets and some fun glow in the dark paint. That's it! Super easy and fun to put together and play with. This is a great little kit to add to your Solar System adventures 😄

If you missed our past Solar System exploring come check it out 😃

                                   Kids Solar System Project

If you are looking for a fantastic Solar System Printable Package filled with amazing hands on activities, you can check our our Solar System Package. 
This package was carefully chosen based on all of the activities that our children have loved and enjoyed. I had great fun drawing and creating all of the graphics featured in this package 💕

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  1. Cherine the package is fantastic!

  2. Thank you for letting me know! I had a lot of fun making this package :)


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