What Are We Up To Now?

We have seen many changes and I have so many plans for this blog and a huge amount to share with you but our life (as with most) is so busy and it takes me a great deal longer these days to get anything up here.
I am still working on our Making Montessori Ours Home school Book and several other projects. 
I had so many questions when I discovered Montessori. If I could have written a book and hand delivered it to myself 8 years ago this would would have been it!
 I had questions about the method, materials, home schooling in general, unschooling everything!!
This book has been such a labour of love and I hope that it will be helpful!
So far it is close to 400 pages long, so it is a great deal of work to bring together.
BUT more on that later!

I have lots to come from Xander. My posts have mainly been about Ava lately because early work tends to be where most of our questions are coming from, and also I was not able to document Xander's early work as clearly as I am able to do now with Ava.

I have been asked if Xander is still working with Montessori? As I have written on many occasion; our work is completely unstructured. We are at heart unschoolers/life learners in that we do not follow a script for learning (not to say you should not if that is working well for your family).  Xander has a huge range of interests! We develop materials and find resources to feed his passion and quest for knowledge. He is doing many different things and uses all of our elementary materials to help demonstrate basic concepts in math, geometry, fractions, geography, science and language and so forth. He also has a great love of technology and is looking at a couple of other online course options for programming.
Xander has for the most part moved into abstraction in terms of math. I have lots of elementary fun to share in upcoming posts.

Ava is moving along at her own pace to her own very special tune. She loves everything about traditional materials.
As many of you may know and some may not - Ava was diagnosed with Urea Cycle Disorder when she was 3.5 yrs of age. This has brought many additional challenges to the table. It is an ever evolving part of our life that we move and adapt our daily flow to manage. The greatest challenge by far for us with Ava has been eating. So far though things while not always smooth she has remained stable and safe. We have new challenges coming in terms of a new medication, and closely monitoring her needs as she grows and develops. She has an amazing Doctor and Nutritionist that have followed her from the beginning, and are beyond amazing at hearing us and including our input as her parents to try and incorporate this knowledge into her overall care model.
The most exciting thing though is that she is active, engaged, extremely social (as is her brother) and so beautifully creative. Ava is taking on the world in her own beautiful way.

We have had a busy year in terms of fun at home, our home school groups, museum visits and road trips. The kids have started dance class, Martial Arts (very soon) and Xander has started his beloved theatre class (as will Ava next year).

We have had a glorious summer, and this has taken us outside everyday!!


Touring and visiting some amazing sites...


New family members...





I can tell you this....
There have been times in our home school journey that have felt long and like it would last forever, but sadly it does not. I am feeling the effects of time now in that is has passed so quickly when I look back on pictures and videos. This blog is so very special to me. I was diagnosed with a 5cm Invasive Ductal Carcinoma & In Situ Breast Cancer when I was 30 yrs old. My pathology after chemo and surgery was fantastic.
Xander and Ava were such a gift to us and my intention was to document as much of our life and time as possible. I have won 12 years of freedom from cancer with great hope.

This early learning time is so special and magical and right now I am savouring every moment.
I am soaking up every single young moment with Ava! 
Xander is charging forward, and I am excited to watch and listen as his love and pursuits take him to new places and experiences.

Right now we are getting ready for an amazing family vacation and Fall/Winter season!

Thank you so much for hanging out here with us, and on Facebook. 
We have so greatly appreciated your support and kind comments!
 There is much to come!
Love to you all for following our Journey!



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