Canadian & American Money Unit & Printables

We have done lots of currency work over the years. There are so many ways to work with money. We have used real and play money. We play store and market, and also board games that use forms of money. We also have a play cash register. The kids also pay for small purchases with their own money!
We purchased a Canadian currency dedicated play set, because in order to carry out most of the Montessori games/work it requires a fair amount of money. The play set was far more practical to have on hand and ready to go. In order to complete the 45 layout in money you may require two set or add in additional printed play money.

Canadian & American Currency Play Sets

We do have a set of real coins for use with 3 part cards and also 45 real pennies for counting out in our money spindle boxes and number cards.

We own a Montessori Money Curriculum Manual from here. The cost for  the manual is $22, and you can also purchase the materials complete with manual for $175. This package is amazing and for schools it would be a fantastic option, however was far too expensive for us to use at home. The manual however is excellent!

I created versions for our children to use at home.

This is a fantastic currency counting counterpart for your early math materials. I love that the materials also include decimal versions. This is such a great way to introduce decimal work. I have put together the following.

Decimal & Cent Symbol Printable Spindle Boxes
Decimal & Cent Symbol number tiles and Printable Hundred Board
Decimal & Cent Symbol Printable Counting/Number Cards
Money Numbered Rods
Decimal Teens & Tens Boards
Large Money Number Cards Printable
81 Shopping Cards ranging from .01 - $90.00+

We are also offering Canadian & American Currency 3 Part Cards with versions of play money included with files for FREE.

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