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I am sharing some fun we had outside learning about wasps! Ava has had a great fear of wasps and bees, though she has never been stung. She is extremely interested in insects so this was an all round great opportunity to take a closer look 😃
 The wasp nest above was given to us by a neighbour, and I've had it stored in the garage until that spark of interest came. This nest is so beautiful!

Colouring our new friend

This guy is not living nor was living when I collected him. He and several other expired buggy friends have been collected for future use. Ava was quite happy to leave him in the jar or under the pocket scope to check out.

This is a fantastic small scope that we brought out in our wasp activity kit. We bought it here.

 Below she is working with three part cards, and the labelling activity. 

but I have not seen one for the insect cabinet.
I have lots of materials set aside for insect study!!

I did not purchase the insect puzzles, but opted to hand draw them instead. I have the entire cabinet drawn and activity labels for them. Nomenclature books and cards are available for most everything and many are free check here and here to start. I did the wasp because I could not find the support materials anywhere at the time.

One thing I have done is print the puzzle/drawing on a sheet of magnetic paper and cut out the parts according to the wooden puzzle image online. The puzzle is then constructed on a metal sheet/board. I have a small white board that works well.
Montessori puzzles and many other puzzles that she worked/works with that have knobs to develop the pincer/pencil grasp as an indirect activity for pre writing, so I am not concerned with the lack of knobs because she gets a great deal of interesting manipulation with the magnetic pieces them selves, much like any other later puzzle she is working with.

I am finding both children reinvesting interest and time in activities and materials we used very early on in new and interesting ways, and it is such a pleasure to follow along as their interests unfold.

I've mentioned in the past that Ava is letter crazy right now and she LOVES and I mean LOVES this alphabet soup game! Scrabble Alphabet Scoop She brought it out so that she could make the words on the labels, and what ever else she wanted to make with them.

This is a little wooden fly's eye. It has a multifaceted lens to simulate a compound eyes. This is so much fun for the kids the look through and a fun addition to our kit.
Here is another fun one!

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