Montessori Pink Series Spelling

I was strolling through the dollar store the other day, and came across these beautiful little pink draw string favour bags.  I thought Ava would love these filled with Pink Series Objects for spelling with her moveable alphabet.

They have such a pretty shimmer 💓

Xander loved doing this work with our mystery box. I am sure she will as well, but right now this adds an extra fine motor step that she enjoys.

This was fun discovery

Exploring letter sounds, really that is what this work was about. 

Clever 💓

I am often asked how long our work periods last. I have mentioned before that I do not schedule our children or place a time limit on periods for them to work - unless of course we need to leave.
That being said, it is not my place to judge those who do, and certainly do not.
This works very well for us.

Today for example, this work was placed on the table for Ava. She was very drawn to it, and wanted to work with it. I am sure you have seen on many blogs, mentioned as an "invitation" to work/play.
Ava worked with this for about 20 min or so . In the photo above you can see very clearly when she was finished. Her level of engagement in the intended purpose completely dropped, and we had a little "letter dance party". She returned everything back to the box, and went on her merry way 💓
She revisited this work two more times during the afternoon, for between 10-15 min each time.

Ava loves everything about letters and writing right now, so my job has been to solely put together fun beautiful work. Montessori is genius because it so beautifully places gentle focus on isolated concepts in a fun hands on way. Ava is making her way through Pink Series work in her own time and loving it!

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