Montessori Pink Series Language, Object Pouches

Miss Ava is working with our Pink Series Object  pouches in this post. This work can be stored in many ways including in baskets on a shelf but this is the method I chose for us. I found the pink canvas pencil cases at the dollar store!

There are five vowel pouches and one mixed vowel. I labeled the pouches with handmade scrapbook paper tags and laminated them.

When we started this work I placed image cards and objects only. I have left the image cards in because she continues to love to matching them, but here I have placed well the word labels well. 

The majority of our objects came from our own toys and things I found at the dollar store. I made the mop with a plastic stick, yarn and a glue gun!
Some images and labels came from various print makers, but mainly I found the images myself and created word cards.
The reason for this, was that I chose images and labels based on the objects I could easily make or find.

This was a fun day for Ava and she laid out the work over and gain in different ways.

The moveable alphabet made an appearance here. She was making the sound for each letter on her labels and laying out the word. 
 Ava enjoys work with many steps - she loves to work this way. However, it is usual though to start matching image to object first, and then object/image to word, followed by image/object spelled with the moveable alphabet. 

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  1. I love how you made your own mop. The canvas pencil cases are awesome! Nice post and thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for commenting!! The funny thing was that we had a tiny mop from something but I could not find it!! I was so happy to find the cases! Thanks again :)

  2. Great idea for safe keeping of all little objects and word cards.

  3. Great idea for safe keeping of all little objects and word cards.


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