Montessori Test Tube Division Printable DIY

Test Tube Division Package
This package includes: 

Tutorial to help you understand the work

4 Boards representing hierarchies of the divisor

Units, Tens, Hundreds and Thousands

Divisor Skittles

Equation Cards for this work

Markers in place of beads (your choice)

This is an expensive work to purchase so printing it and sourcing the beads and cups can provide extreme savings!!

Pony Beads are also ideal because they are easy to handle, and sit flat. Tutorial Included.

The original work has 70 Test Tubes and blocks to hold them. There are

200 Red, 200 Blue, 300 Green 

DIY Test Tube/ Rack and Tube Division
 This material is very expensive to purchase for home use! This is a very simple way to create this material at home with a printable, pony beads and small plastic cups from a
party supply or dollar store, get creative!  You can certainly find alternatives for the skittles if you like and paint those as well, or use the print version included in the file. Walmart sells large bags of pony beads in our colours for under $2 per bag or amazon.
The tutorial will take you through the setup and procedure to solve a problem with a three digit divisor. We are using the Montessori Research and Development Mathematics Elementary 1
Volume 2 for lessons. It is referred to (on the table of contents) as distributive division with the hierarchical material.

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  1. Is this still available to purchase?

    1. Hi there! You can find it at
      Thanks for asking,

  2. Hi Cherine, I just tried to find the printable for racks and tubes at the above web address and could not find it. I also looked on your etsy page and could not find it there either. I was wondering if you could help me locate it.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Arissa! It will be available in our Etsy shop tomorrow. Stay well, Cherine


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