Volcano Science Activities for kids

Most children are fascinated with volcanoes and mine are no exception!!
This was a volcano play and learn kinda day at our house 😃

The plaster volcano you see above was made from a kit. This was Xander's first volcano that we made 4 years ago!! You mould your own volcano with quick set plaster. When it is dry it can be painted. There is a plastic insert to hold the soda and vinegar.
You could also clear coat if you wished. They stand up quite well when they are cleaned up and dried out before storing. I really liked it because it was smaller and we could easily keep it and reuse... and boy have we reused it!!

Today we added Neon Food Colouring!! Such a dramatic effect:)
Club House NEON LIQUID FOOD COLORING KIT of 4 colors (0.25 oz each) by McCormick

Ava will make her own from the kit eventually, but for now her main interest was experimenting with this one. She loved the quick volcano craft below, and his way she had the best of both worlds right away!!

The colours were so amazing!!! We also used this colouring for DIY lava lamps!! I will post about that later:)

We put the vinegar in a small toy teapot, and the spout made it so easy to pour!!

We read some great books.
National Geographic Kids Everything Volcanoes and Earthquakes: Earthshaking photos, facts, and fun!

Below Xander is reading a great little nomenclature book from Montessori Print Shop and Ava is using the three part cards.

The adventure was NOT over!! This was a fun volcano model project. This was so simple, but is only a craft and non-functioning.
I made the cone out of Bristol board and the kids taped it down, and painted it.
Ava added sparkles 😃

Pretty fantastic!!

 Oooooh Sparkly red lava 💓

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  1. Cherine, this is a great post. The activities look like so much fun!!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting I really appreciate it!!!! They were such fun!! The neon was a blast!! Thanks again!


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