Montessori Search for Ten Math Snake Game

This was Ava's first experience with our modified Search for Ten Snake Game.

Ava spent all of her time making the snakes on her cards!! She loved them simply for patterning today, as I expected she would 💓

We decided to create a modified Early Search for Ten version that does not include place holders. The version in our manual is basically the same as the Addition Snake Game with the use of the black and white bead stair. 
Both of our children loved this simplified version. They loved the patterning aspect in addition to counting the beads and creating a golden snake.
 The child works with a prepared selection of beads for counting multiples of ten, and exchanging for golden bead bars to create a golden snake. The patterning and fine motor aspect are a great bonus!!

I thought I would show you all our new Snake Game Printable package as well!!

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  1. I am curious how the multiplication snake game works. I guess I could imagine one way for myself, but I've never heard it done before :)

    1. Hi Jessica!! Here is a visual presentation of how the Multiplication Snake Game works. It makes much more sense to see it laid out! You need to scroll down the page:)

    2. Ok, so it's an extension on the addition snake game of using just a few types of bead bars, so they can be grouped together for the verification stage where you use multiplication to check your answer. I have this as "Verification step 2" in my album, but not called "multiplication snake game."

      Neat way to think about it though and a sure way to get children back to this work who need it. ;)

      Thank you for sharing!

      Totally not what I was thinking though ;)

    3. I totally agree it is a neat way of looking at it!! Our Montessori Research and Development Manual states the Multiplication Snake Game is just that - to further practice addition facts, and to make the relationship between addition and multiplication. Great points!!

    4. In our Manual it is presented with Multiplication fact memorization work.

  2. I'm really loving all of these resources that you are developing! I'll be buying and linking back once we're at this stage.

    1. I am so happy to hear that!!!! I do hope they will be useful :) Thank you so much for saying so <3

  3. These are such beautiful cards and looks like amazing quality! Thank you for sharing your great work at Kids Learning Printables!


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