Montessori Fractions - Review, Addition & NEW Fraction Printables

Fractions Montessori style is a pretty amazing thing. An example of Xander's early work with fractions can be seen here, and some of  Ava's here. This post is all about review and some of the materials we are using, as well some early addition.
I posted about some of our fraction materials here.

This is Montessori fraction Box 1-10 I am in the process of making Box 2 1-20.

All pieces are labeled, and there are multiples of each family to work equations.

We also used our number box with some addition and equal signs.

This was mixed fraction building practice and review.

I printed a great set of fraction Vocabulary/definition cards from here. 

He is using coloured fraction cards in this picture to build basic common addition equations.

More addition practice and exploration.

Here he is converting improper fractions to mixed fractions, and recording them in his journal. He is choosing random Fraction Tiles. We are using the Montessori Research and Development Fraction Manuals as a guide line.

Converting Mixed improper fractions.

Xander loves the number box, it works very well for him to create and build fractions. 

Ava LOVES fraction materials. She was extremely interested to work along side Xander, so she chose to work with our fraction puzzles. She was exploring and drawing fractions in her journal.

We have created several materials for the kids to accompany their fraction materials, and we are happy to be able to share them with you all on our new

We are now offering a collection of Fraction Printables. You can purchase them individually or as a collection.

If you are interested you can check out the packages at our print materials store.

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