A Montessori Day

This is a post of few words. I thought I would share Ava's activity choices on this particular day.

She pulled out a set of singular plural sorting cards from our Pink Series tote.

She wanted to chat about trees today and decided to use the tree puzzle and activity labelling set.

The Continents Globe was actually first to come off the shelf:) She assembled the three part cards and found their counterpart on the globe.

She pulled Spindle work from the shelf.

She had a fabulous time creating towers with the Knob less Cylinders:)

I am always struck by the frequency that the kids go back and forth between older more familiar materials mixed with the new.

 If you have any question about any of the materials you see her using here I will do my best to help!!

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  1. Thanks for posting Ava's work for the day! My little 3 year old was inspired to do this herself. Love how we can create some peer inspiration through blogs in an otherwise lonely homeschool classroom!

  2. Not sure if it is just the angle, but your continent globe looks larger than the ones I am used to seeing. Would you mind sharing where you got it?

  3. Not the angle Susan lol :) We made/painted the globe. The post chatting about this is here... http://makingmontessoriours.blogspot.ca/2011/08/continents-globe.html

  4. We have just started home preschool for our 2 1/2 year old, and I can't seem to get him interested in any of the activities. I know he is young, and I am not worried, but I am curious what your experience was when you first started. Did it take them a while to warm up to the materials? Did you work with the materials together a lot at first, or did you just put them out and let the kids discover them? Advice?

    1. I will put together a post for you Shanna talking about what we used and how we worked things in our house. I will have it up in the next couple days:)

  5. Cherine did you make the cards for the globe?

    1. I did not make these great cards they are from here http://thehelpfulgarden.blogspot.ca/2011/12/continents-nomenclature-cards.html :)


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