Snowflake Rubbings - Winter Art work

Ava is a huge fan of making art rubbings. We have a basket of simple supplies including crayons, paper, and plates that I purchased for creating rubbings - that being said you really do not need to purchase anything special for rubbings.

We have done rubbing art with many different things. The huge favourite would be leaves (like most), tree bark, floor tiles, concrete, garden stones. It is fun to have challenges to see how many textures you can capture in a space, indoors or out.

I found these amazing huge plywood snowflakes at the dollar store for decorating. They are fantastic for creating rubbings!! We used large white paper this time - given the size of the flakes.
We have a few different designs.

I have to say that the kids love peeling the paper from the crayons almost as much as rubbing.
This activity is excellent for the development of hand/finger muscle strength and fine motor control.

Working away...

She over lapped the flakes, and created a fun snowflake collage.
It would also be fun to paint the outlines with slightly watered glue, and cover with sparkles.
These are so large and simple, that cutting them out would also be pretty!

There are some fantastic rubbing plates available - if you are on the look out for some.

Here is our rubbing basket. I found some texture plates for fondant in the cake section (on sale) at Michael's Crafts, and also a leaf set from amazon. You could get creative and find all kinds of things to add to the basket. The kids have used Lego plates, textured mats or drawer liners from the dollar store, heavy sandpaper so many choices!

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  1. We just got our botany cabinet (so excited!), would you still recommend the leaf rubbing plates? They seem to add something extra and fun and compliment the insets.

    1. That is so exciting!!!!! You know... Ava LOVES leaf rubbing so these have been amazing for us year round with a great variety, but this is an excellent extension!!! Rubbing the leaves and then classifying them!! Good one :)


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