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This is a little Melissa & Doug market that we found for Miss Ava's birthday in the summer. I was able to find it for a good price on amazon. We also found some great food to add in! My guys have a fun kitchen setup that has grown with them!! We started out with a small kitchen and very slowly overtime we collected some fantastic play sets from discount retailers, and many were lovely gifts.

Note: the links contained are affiliate links, all items are searchable on the net if you would rather go that route. Thank you in advance 💗

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Grocery Store / Lemonade Stand I love this stand because you can flip the canopy over and it becomes a lemonade stand!!

The fantastic little Wooden Coffee set was also a gift but you can find here.
The market as I mentioned is a fairly new addition as is our fridge (another b-day gift). This one is solid wood and is a great complement to our Kids Ikea Kitchen. The only thing I will do (when I get a moment is to paint the orange parts white and change the handles to these from Ikea to match the kitchen. I am also going to paint the blue side walls of the market white. This is entirely our preference I just like a unified look, they are very sweet  as is!!

 This little fridge was awesome because it gave extra space to store their play foods, and it also has a fun little wooden ice cube dispenser 💗

Bagging my groceries

For some reason my bills turn out to be thousands of dollars!!!

We keep a few pint size aprons in a basket under the kitchen.

These little market bags are from the dollar store. I bought them for her birthday party - for the kids to colour and take home. I bough many extras for her market bags. She had fun colouring them, and they are the perfect size!

Ava already had a set of velcro cutting play foods but we bought this set for her market/cafe. I really liked the variety and the selection of prepared foods and I thought it was great value to fill her market stand.
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I shop in Ava's Market everyday!! She has also created Ava's Cafe (very enterprising), and the food is delicious!!

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  1. Wow this is really wonderful... great learning about healthy foods. It looks like a lot of fun!

    1. Thank you!! It is wonderful, and Ava just loves running her market and cafe:)


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