Stamp Game Extension to Millions - Free Printables Included

Xander is starting math to the millionth place value. If you missed our introduction to the hierarchical material (geometric presentation of place value to millions), you are welcome to visit our post here. The diy version of the material we created can be seen here. I decided to make golden mats for both kids, for place value and operations work here.

 Xander is practicing making and reading numbers to the millionth place with our Stamp Game, and new stamps that I made for 10,000 100,000 and 1,000, 000.
I thought it would be a nice familiar transition, and some good operations review to use this as bridge work. We were going to start with bead bars, but he really loved this idea. We will work with bars before he starts Checker Board work.

I made a sample addition equation page for him to work from - in addition to him making his own.
I did cut these into cards. 

We did a basic setup including the new stamps. Xander really loved doing this work:)

Creating numbers...

He used our cutout numbers box to to write the number. The disks (red & green) on the top are reminders of stating hundreds and thousands. He placed his hand or finger in each column as he read each value.

Working out a few addition problems.

If you would like a copy of our Stamp Extension and Sample Equations you can find them at the links listed below. The equation sheet starts with a couple of static equations, but includes mainly dynamic addition. 

The Stamps were created in black and white. I printed them on coloured card stock to save ink!!

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  1. Oh MY God!! You're amazing!!! Thanks for share your work!!! Hugs

    1. Thanks Karen!! I think your cubing material is amazing!! I have been planning it for some time but we haven't gotten to it. I love that you are making it!!!


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