Early Addition, Number Cards & Counters, Free Addition Board Printable

Ava has been enjoying her Montessori Math journey:) Here she is working with a simple activity of Number Cards & Counters. We made our own number cards and box here. We purchased the red dots (as Ava calls them) here. You can use anything you like for counting. I purchased these because I had a larger order coming and they were inexpensive to include.

The cards are in the box out of sequence so her first job was to lay them out in order. The next was to arrange the "dots" below for the quantity of each card. 
Simple yes, but she loved it!!

Looking on very proud of her dot arrangement:)

Counting her dots:)

In the above I removed some of the dots from each column for Ava to replace with the missing number of counters.
This activity was presented to her by arranging the dots in pairs, but it was her choice to to lay them out in a linear formation. 
Later we will get into odd & even numbers. 
The even numbers all have a friend or a pair.

I'd seen this board used online and decided to make one for Ava. I've not seen them for purchase or download, so thought I would share it with you!
It is very simple! We create the addends with our "dots" and she counted as she slid them into the sum column, then she found the correct number (sum/answer) card . 
Later she placed the number card for each addend below the dots and number card in the sum column.
You can use anything you have on hand with the board (or without).
This was fun to do with tiny dollar store plastic apples. 
We have a Little Einsteins Bingo game, and we used the large reds chips with Rocket on them for "Rocket Addition":)

I hope the Addition Board will be of use!!

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  1. I love Ava's expressions! Thanks so much for sharing your printable addition board, Cherine! It's useful for so many different themes. I featured your post as the Free Printable of the Day at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and on Pinterest. :)

    1. Thank you!! Miss Ava is very animated much like her brother:) I greatly appreciate your sharing us!!

  2. Thanks for this great resource! I downloaded it to use with my 4 year old! Pinning as well!
    Found your blog on KBN--I love your ideas and what gorgeous pictures! Happy Montessori teaching!

    1. Thank you Angelina I'm so glad you found us!! KBN is awesome:) I hope you enjoy the board and thank you for passing us on!! Happy MT to you :)


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