Water & Buoyancy Unit, Water Science For Kids Montessori Physics Part 1

Xander has been doing various types of experiments over the past few years for nothing other than pure fun!! 

He is asking tons of questions so it is time to adventure further. 
My thought is that we will take our time and have fun going through the manual, and then do a second round in even greater detail. 
On this pass we are chatting about the Scientific Method, and doing experiments that tie into each unit in our manual in addition to what is there. 

Xander is creating a simple illustrated and labelled record of his experiments in his Science Journal (for us this time round it is a sketch book).  
The first Chapter/Unit in our manual is Buoyancy.  I will show a bit of what we have done so far. 
 We are going through a great little book called The Science of Water.

This is the simple "Sink & Float" experiment from this book.  Ava really loved this 😃

This was a simple, fun and interesting experiment, to show how density can differ in liquids.   

What happens when you mix it up!!

Showing daddy

Xander had lots of questions after this exercise, and did some reading about density and matter .
He also watched some amazing videos.

This is an amazing website with a huge range of science topics.  
He watched Properties of Matter,
Energy & Matter, Physical & Chemical Changes of Matter  and LOTS more he loved this site!!

This was a fun one, that demonstrated how hot water is less dense than cold.

It was also interesting to trouble shoot materials for these experiments.  Here we did not have a heavy small glass container, so Xander came up with idea to weight this small plastic jar.

He had fun with this one. We discussed what we could do to make it better, and will try again with a taller container.

 We have taken the kids to some amazing Science Centres, that have incredible water activities.  Above is the Montreal Science Center.  Xander is working on a huge multi level water table, where the the kids create dams and water flow to create hydro electricity.

This was the most amazing water table we had ever seen. 
We found this at a Museum in Charlotte, NC

This is a river water education and exploration setup, at Echo Lake Aquarium.

At Bonnechere Caves we learned a great amount about water erosion, as the caves were formed by water flow eroding away the limestone creating this wonder deep in the ground.

Xander had many questions about water, and we took many detours while on this topic.

We read the book below on the life and times of Archimedes. 
This is a wonderful book that takes you through his life and many great discoveries it is so wonderfully written and illustrated.  Xander loved it and so did we.  

We also watched Bill Nye on Buoyancy. 

Super fun stuff!

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  1. What a neat unit! We love the "science book about ...." Series of books! Bill Nye fans here too!

    1. Thanks!! We are having fun with it!! We'll have to check out those books - Thanks for sharing:))

  2. Great posts on your water experiments. I really enjoy reading your blog. My 6yr old boy really enjoys science and we have done quite a bit with water. I thought I'd share a link to one that we found fun that applies to density.

    1. Thank you Erin!!! I LOVE the Home School Den!!! I will check out that link. Thank you so much for sharing it:))


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