Reading Practice, Variations Of The "shun" Sound In Words

This is a wonderful free/printable activity from The Home School Den.  The child reads and categorises words ending with the "shun" sound  tion, sion, cion, cian.

As Xander sorted these words we talked about definitions, and he verbally created sentences for each.  This took a couple of times to complete because it's a lot of vocabulary. 
We had some great discussions.  We talked about "politicians" and "population" which led to the Canadian Census, and how they are conducted.  We calculated the population of our village, by making a map drawing on the houses and estimating the number of people in each home.  Xander wanted to conduct his own census, and created a form with simple questions.  This led to other vocabulary like, residents, occupants etc.

We really enjoyed where this activity took us.

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  1. I follow your blog and love it! I am married with three children and a homeschool mom, so I enjoy looking at the learning activities and lessons you post.
    My store is on Teachers Pay Teachers. I am CCH Learning and also follow your posts on pinterest, since I am trying to market my store that way also.
    I have freebies to print off for fun and will be making a blog soon.
    I wanted to let you know I think you would be great selling things on Teachers Pay Teachers. I would purchase your products and I am sure other homeschoolers and classroom teachers would as well!

    CCH Learning

  2. Is this an IKEA rug? We have the same in green and black. Even though the traditional cream-colored solid Montessori rugs are classic, I find these lines surprisingly useful for separating cards and such! My mother even bought one specifically for her moveable alphabet because it sort of represent lined paper.

    1. It is from Ikea!! I bought one in black, yellow, and pink as well:) Lot's prefer white, but for many things we use these also. I love them too for exactly that reason...great to line up work and such:))


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