Moon Phases For Kids, Montessori Science At Home

Xander is crazy about the moon so we started by observing and recording phases.  

I created these moon phase tracking sheets with MS Publisher and a free clip art image.  There are many of these types of sheets floating around, but I really wanted to leave out the black background to save ink.
We also made a Moon phase flip book flip book, again without the black background.

This was a cloudy night, and he couldn't see the moon!! So we found it online!

Creating his flip book!  He cut the pages, and coloured the phases in black coloured pencil.

This is an amazing interactive I found on Pinterest you can check out the site here.  We loved this explanation of the phase it was easy for Xander to read and understand, really well done!!

Then we moved on to out Moon Phase - 3 part cards, from Montessori for Learning.  The set included definition cards.  He decided to use our bulletin board set to arrange the moon phases around the earth.

Ava LOVES 3 part cards and joined in helping to match the control cards.

Working hard at recording.... 

If you would like a copy of our moon phase recording sheets or flip book sheets You can download a free copy here!  Please do not share resell upload or distribute this file. 
Direct those wishing a copy to this post. Thank you!

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  1. Comes at a great time...we are almost done with our weather unit and space was next in line!!

    1. Great!!! If you blogged about it pls send me a link!! Thanks for taking a look...we had such a great time with's a subject that we will revisit over and again:))

  2. great post Cherine , my kids are into space now and asking lots of questions , nice to have so many resources all in one place . Can you please post a link to the solar system kit xander painted , also i would love to have the record sheets and flip book emailed o me please . xxx viv

    1. Hi Viv!!
      This is the link to the kit...

      I will email you a copy of the sheets tomorrow:))Did you get your package????
      I hope all is well:))

  3. Wow!!! AMAZING!! I love this post and all the work Xander's did!!! Brilliant!!!

  4. Wow! Love all the work your kids did. Thanks for including all of the wonderful links you used.

    Thank you for sharing and have a great week!

    1. Oh my gosh...thank you!! Have a great week yourself!!! :)

  5. Wow, this post is so good. I'm just starting to buy elementary albums for my son who is 6, so these things are all in his area of interest right now. Can you please email me the moon phase recording sheet and flip book sheets. Thank you so much! How do I give you my email? Your blog is really nice and has so many wonderful ideas!

    1. Thank you Jennifer!!! I will contact you through gmail. You can also pm me on the Making Montessori Ours Facebook account, and leave me your email there if you prefer it stay private :)
      I really appreciate your kind words :))


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