Montessori DIY Colour Box 2 & Sorting Cards, Montessori Colour Learning At Home

Ava really enjoyed Colour Box 2!  We made our set of tablets - you can check them out here.  
We started with simply matching the tablets, and Ava replaced them to the box. 

We also played memory match with the tablets, even Xander joined in!

We used our tablets for sorting colour cards.  

 Each colour has a set of 9 cards and that is a LOT of cards! We started out with 4 cards per colour. 
There were some objects that perhaps Ava had seen but did not know the proper name for, so this was also a wonderful language opportunity.
 These cards are beautiful and interesting.


A big job!

 There are several lesson variations for the Colour Boxes. I like this explanation, though there are many others.

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