Geology For Kids, A Visit to Miller Hall Geology Museum

We are busy planning many outings for our home school group. 
Miller Hall Geology Museum located at Queens University, Kingston is a wonderful
addition to the mix.
I decided to take a look before we booked our programs, and we could not be more excited!!

The Miller Museum features a large gallery of minerals, ores and fossils from around the world. Learn about the Geology of the Kingston Area in an extensive exhibit, see beautiful mineral samples, learn about dinosaurs and much more during a self-guided visit to this museum in the Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering at Queen's University (no admission charge).

They also have online exhibits that are wonderful!

We are very excited about our programs we have booked...

Dinosaurs - An introduction to fossils and palaeontology, with emphasis on dinosaurs. Children get to see and touch a variety of bone and tooth casts, and real fossils including a real dinosaur bone fossil.

Introduction to Geology - Learn about geology - the study of the Earth, during this engaging introduction to the various aspects of the science. An interactive overview of rocks, minerals, fossils and Earth processes illustrated with many touch samples (including a meteorite, a dinosaur bone, examples of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and mineral ores) that are circulated around the group.

There are programs for our older children as well.

The curator was wonderful, and spent time chatting with Xander and showing him many mineral samples. They also have a fantastic selection of labeled samples, to purchase at a very reasonable price. These are the samples that Xander and Ava picked out. They will also identify samples for you.  We have a fair collection, and may need a little help with it:)

Fossil Dig

I am looking forward to sharing our program fun!!

This is an historic seabed model.  These programs will be a wonderful tie in to the Great Lessons.

Thanks for visiting with us!

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  1. fantastic post... great place to visit!

    1. We are so excited for our coming programs there!!! Thank you:))

  2. The fossil dig looks like a lot of fun. A wonderful museum. Thank you for sharing.


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