Measurement Activity Box, Playing With Imperial & Metric Measurement With Kids

Xander is very familiar with measurement is basic terms.  He has used a ruler, measuring tapes and meter sticks for various things helping out with building projects etc. 

These measurement boxes and unit are to give him a more in depth understanding of Imperial and Metric measurement, and history.

There are many books out there - in this post I included a couple of books we will be using.  I also really like this history of measurement explanation and this page. I found this site interesting, and this was great. This is a really great video.  This is an amazing Sid the Science Kid episode featuring non standard measurement.

These are the measurement kits I put together that were inspired by this blog.
I have an Imperial and Metric box.

This is a set of nomenclature cards for various tools of measurement I made these from google images. We will get into history,  books and so forth at this point.

Measurement vocabulary cards from Montessori for Everyone below are offered as a FREE download there is an imperial set also below.

We created a wooden set of rulers from simple stock molding.  The purpose was to keep the focus completely on the units of measurement. I wanted him to focus on the individual units of measure, and be able to see and feel each dimension without distraction.

The set of cards below are from Montessori for Learning, as are their counterparts below.  I will have him make his measurements using our blocks to measure, and again he can do these with a ruler later.

These cards (as well the worms below) were cut out from work sheets I found from this measurement unit on pinterest.
There are photos of easy to find objects that Xander will choose from to find and estimate the measure.  He can use our wooden set to make the measurement. 

I found this site to print rulers.  Yes you can pick up rulers at the dollar store, but I like these because they isolate metric and centimetres only.  The idea is that as we go he will see the need for the unit to be broken down even further.

These are simple card stock laminated with answer cards. This idea is from here.

Straws cut at various lengths.  They could also be estimated, and then actual is recorded.

Abbreviation matching cards from Montessori for Learning, as well as the Measurement Scenario and Measurement & Tool card sets . He will record these in his journal.

This is a set of activity/command cards I created with basic measurements for Xander to complete.  He can write out the card in his journal, and record the measurement.

This is the imperial measurement box, and basically everything you see here is replicated from the above box.

Command cards I created.

Here Xander can explore the different units, and answer some of his questions feet in a yard etc.

 We're pretty excited to get started!! There are many activities here that could be started much earlier, and I will with Miss Ava.  Sid The Science Kid's video about non standard measurement is amazing.  We did do these types of activities with Xander, but it will be fun to repeat some versions including his sister.

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  1. So glad my Teaching from a Tackle Box post inspired your new measurement box! Absolutely genius!! - you are a woman after my own heart ;) Be careful though you may get hooked on tackle boxes too! Be sure to observe and let us know how your children respond to the materials. Did you also see Melissa & Doug's post on wooden unit blocks - I had not considered using them for measurement too. What a great network we have with blogging!

    1. Thank you Suzanne!!! You have such fantastic ideas and materials!!!

      I have always bought all of our Melissa & Doug from amazon and have not even seen this site!!!!! Thank you for sharing:)) They have some great sales!

  2. Awesome post as usual Cherine! I am very inspired to create this now!

    1. Thank you!! I've been thinking about these for quite a while, and am really excited to see Xander use them:))

  3. I love the isolated measurement rulers - off to make some right now!

  4. This is AMAZING, Cherine! I really like the Teaching from a Tackle Box ideas, too ... and I love how you created the measurement activity box from that concept! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and pinned it to my Montessori Elementary Activities and Ideas Board at

    1. Thanks Deb!! I really love the Teaching from a Tackle box idea is so organized and portable...perfect for these materials:))

  5. Love it! Can you sell the tools of measurement nomenclature???? I would buy!

  6. Thank you Stephanie!! I would love to share them but this is a set that I did just for the kids, and did not pay close attention to the images sources. What I can do is list what I have, and you can google and put them together - if thats any help :(


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