Geology & Fossils For Kids, A Visit to Bonnechere Caves

Bonnechere Caves is located in Eganville, Ontario.  It is an impressive site to see and experience on your own, or especially as a family.
This family owned operation has been welcoming visitors for the last 55yrs!!

Description from the Bonnechere site...
 Under a hill of limestone, said by geologists to have been the bottom of a tropical sea 500 million years ago, the Caves present a weird and wonderful sight. Stalactites, or rock icicles formed at the rate of one cubic inch in 150 years, hang from the ceiling and the handiwork of nature is enhanced by electric lights. Entombed in the rock and preserved forever can be seen fossils of coral and sea creatures alive long before the age of the Dinosaurs. Millions of years in the making, the Bonnechere Caves are a thrill for the sightseer. Visit the official Bonnechere Caves site here to read more.

 They begin the tour with an information session about the history of the caves and area. There is a wonderful collection of fossil specimens for all to explore.
There is an amazing set of Montessori 3 part cards that is a great tie in to check out here.  
This is a wonderful post from Montessori Tidbits with many great books and other learning materials to add in to these studies!! I really loved this fossil set that she found!!!  I have a small set that we purchased from the shop,but will be getting these also:)) 
Pinterest has the most amazing collection of fossil activities...such an inspiration!!

They are very welcoming of photography!!

 Coming out of the cave 90 feet down!!!

 Heading back up!!

 This is a guided tour that welcomes children of all ages including strollers into the cave lined with boardwalks. Our tour guide was amazing, and really great with kids.  He was extremely knowledgeable, had a great sense of humour and knew the history of the caves inside and out. 

He understood that tiny ones will not always be quiet, perfectly placed, and standing still.                   I appreciated that very much.  I think that on our next visit we will bring kits for each child with the following items mini led flashlights, our fantastic pocket scopes (we bought ours here) magnifying glass, a few sheets of paper and crayons for rubbings in areas that are not too damp.

They have a shop filled with goodies, and here are a few things that we found.

We will be working with our Montessori Research and Development Geology Manual this year so this was a treat, and will be again next year that's for sure!! 
We also have a visit and programs planned at Miller Hall Geology Museum at Queen's University Kingston.  Though we did the tour the Museum last month!!
This is one happy boy!!

Thanks for visiting with us!

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