Dinosaur Fossil Skulls Toob, World Continent Mat Activity

We found this Toob of Dinosaur Skulls at the Museum of Nature in Ottawa on a recent visit. The Toob comes with a photo reference strip including facts, and the continent of origin.

You can find our DIY World Continents Mat here.

The skulls are very detailed and interesting! Both Xander & Ava really love them!

This was fun for Xander to read and learn about what continent some of his favorite dinos were from.

This is a great practice to help remember continent names.

I high lighted the continent names on the strip to help Xander see them a little more clearly. 

 Ava matched the skulls to the info strip from the Toob.

This is a great Dinosaur Puzzle by Melissa & Doug that the kids worked on together:))

Thanks for visiting with us!



  1. Hi.Cherine good to see you and your kids again.Now I and my kids doing dinosaur activity too. Thank you for your idea about the map and dinosaur.

    1. Oh my it's been a long time since you posted this lovely comment and I am so sorry I did not reply to thank you until now!! Thank you!!!

  2. I was wondering where you got the information about which dinosaur fossils were discovered on which continents? I bought several Toobs but cheaped out and bought generic dino skeletons that don't come with that cool strip. Kicking myself!

    1. The strip had it LOL :) You could google your dinos and find out because I am not sure yours will be the same skulls as mine?? If they are the same I can list them here for you :)


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