Conjunction Introduction, Montessori Grammar At Home

Xander met conjunctions last week.  We did a few simple things to make our introduction.

The idea for this object box came from Montessori for Everyone. There are many other presentations for conjunctions, and we will explore them as we move forward but this is how we started.

Our object box contains sets of objects with printed cards for each, and sentence starter cards for later.

This is a small bead storage container that I used to hold the symbols, "and" cards, period cards, and comma cards.

 Reading the definition card and checking out the symbol

 Xander chose the poms and cards to work with first.  We did not use any other symbols at this point.

This is a card of sentence examples, that I prepared for Xander to read.

 We used the ribbon exercise to physically emphasize the connection, and linking of objects and words.

 We brought out animals from our grammar farm. Xander found it quite funny to have them wandering about with "no connection" to one another.

 Xander brought the animals together, and added grammar cards and symbols to label and put together a sentence.

 Copying his sentence in his journal.

Xander made a conjunction booklet.

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  1. Glad you are back, and everybody is feeling better :)

    How do you store all this? Box, tray, or something else?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you:))
      Everything in the first picture fits into the clear box with a lid that has the conjunction symbol and word. I keep a grammar farm animal tray, and just pulled the animals we wanted to use. The words are from our grammar farm words tray (I will add in a link to that above). The symbols are in our grammar symbol box as are the 3 part cards. As we are doing the exercises I sometimes get on a roll start pulling other things out as we go:))

  2. I love this set up. I'm keeping it in mind for when we get to grammar. I also shared it on the Montessori MOMents Facebook page:


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