Montessori Leaf Cabinet, Montessori Botany At Home Part 2

Montessori Botany - Leaf Cabinet. This cabinet has three trays with 6 different leaf forms per tray. 

I made packets for each tray to hold our solid, thick and thin lined cards. I did buy these cards as well here for 11.99 there are many cards because it was more economical than printing the set.

We are using this cabinet for a few different things right now. Matching the shapes to the outlines, tracing of the outlines, classifying leaves from pictures, and from leaves we had collected and dried.  We also use the cards for sorting and sequencing from solid, thick to thin.  The shapes (like in other Montessori activities) can be placed on one carpet, with the outlines on another carpet across the room and retrieved.

This is a really great set from Montessori Print Shop.  This download comes with the cabinet 3 part cards and two leaf shapes per leaf form to be classified with the cabinet. Here is another set of leaf cards that can be used with the cabinet for free.

This is a set of cards I made for Xander to learn about, and sort Conifer and Deciduous trees along with a description.

This is a beautiful set of Types of Trees nomenclature three part cards from Montessori for Everyone. These cards include definition and description cards for each species of tree!!

I keep most of these supplies simply in green baskets from the dollar store that sit on our shelves beside the cabinets.

This is a leaf chart that I found with a great deal of additional leaf shapes. 
I found this leaf shape chart for FREE here, and it is a beautiful match to our cabinet and materials.

We made books from more leaf rubbings, and cabinet leaf insets.

I made a book I about the cross section of a tree from this website!!! This is such an amazing site, and there is a special video that goes through each layer of the tree.
The video explains how to read a cross section of a tree.

I decided to purchase our Leaf Cabinet 3 part cards when I purchased the cabinet they were only $2.99, and I thought that they were well worth it.

This is the FREE download of the Life Cycle of an apple - that I got from Montessori for Everyone. This is an apple activity we did in the fall.

I also created tree sheets one for 12 different species.  Here is what I included & picture of the tree (flowering photo for Cherry), plank grain (some had two types), cross section of the tree, a piece of furniture, seed, leaf.

I also put together a selection of wood samples, and a small cross section for him look at.  We found some of the examples in our yard, and in furniture around the house.
I also included mdf, ply wood and particle board samples, we will check out the process of making these products a little later.

I created a set of nut nomenclature cards - my inspiration came from here, and you can download them for free. Here is another set of free nut cards. I included the shells for most of the nuts.

We have lots of activities to get through, and now that we are getting some nice weather, we will continue these activities outside.

This post is a continuation of this Botany post 1.

Montessori Botany Materials are so beautiful 
and fun to work with! 

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  1. These materials have been in the works for a while. Also when we were doing this I would get ideas as we went, and make a few things in the evening to add in. I find it hard sometimes to know exactly what I will want - or Xander - till we get going on something...then we get on a roll...some are longer than others:)) Again there is so much out there - he loves this stuff!!
    I don't do any of this (or most HA!!) overnight thats for sure:))
    From all I see you doing...I think you're very much in step:)) Thank you!!!

  2. Awesome post! I got many ideas to revive interest in our Botany studies! Thanks!

  3. Hi Cherine,
    I would like to thank you for all the lovely and impressive work you share with us. I use your site regularly and it is time I say thank you. I really struggle to comprehend how you can do it all so neatly and perfectly, I also homeschool and do Montessori, but the house is never as impressively tidy as yours. Anyway, I would like to post on my blog your printable materials. I have just bought the division one. My blog is kept private, you are very welcome to come in if you are interested, but I don't think you would find anything of interest, my kids are slightly behind compared to yours, so actually I find it useful to follow you as what your son is doing now, is about a month or two ahead of us :) anyway, my blog is if you want to see before I can post your material, I will invite you in. My blog is read by very few people probably less than twenty, invitation only. Thank you again for sharing how you do everything, best regards, Gaia

    1. I have been meaning to reply to this lovely comment so many times!!! I am so appreciative that you decided to write to me <3 Sometimes I am not sure who is out there reading or following :) Every child is different and exactly where they need to be, and I would love to see what you are up to:) You are more than welcome to post about any of our materials. My house for the record gets a tidy before any photos (usually) mainly because I try to keep clear focus on the kids and less about my house keeping ;) LOL photos are but a moment in time :)


I greatly appreciate your friendly comments and feedback. I love to see what others are making, so please feel free to include a links and share your site with us!!! If you have any questions regarding any of the materials we have made...I'd love to help!!! Thank you for visiting us:)



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