Green Series Word Lists, Montessori Language At Home

These lists are part of the Montessori Green Reading Series work. I've been putting together our Phonogram Lists to go with the folders I made from here.  I decided to make the folders with individual cards, and in addition the lists with sentences for each group. I also created Power Point Presentations and booklets.

I also prepared many word study materials from here.  As we are going through phonogram work, lots of really great things are occurring to Mr. Xander. I noticed that when sounding his words he was counting out loud and keeping track of the number of sounds in words with his fingers, so it was time to make syllable work.
He is obsessed with word definitions and why two words sound the same, but have different meanings, so I also printed homophone work.
He does really well with reading contractions, so I thought I would print this work as well.
I prepared synonym work, and lots of compound word work to go along with the Power point presentations I did for him here.  I printed silent letter sorting from Montessori for Everyone. 
I am in the middle of adding LOTS of material for the Blue Series based on our Manual from Montessori Research & Development

We started with materials this year from Montessori for Everyone and have really loved them.  Language Arts Manual 3 (Blue Series) has a vast amount of material to cover that I have almost finished making, and will show very soon.  I am in the process of printing and figuring out storage.  I'm pretty excited about getting all this added in.

We have skipped around a little bit with language materials, and headed into phonograms quite simply because Xander reads very well, but was getting frustrated and needed this work to enable him to read the types of books he wants to read (this decision has worked very well for us), even though he is still working through his Blue Series work. Again these are not decisions or Manuals I am recommending, just simply sharing what has worked for us.

We use several different types of readers, but these are the two sets we have used Bob Books we went through this series last year.  We also used these sets AB&C.  There are many other smaller series types of readers that we use.  We continued to do some work with the last set in each series into last fall.  There are many many choices out there for readers.

If you would like a copy of the Lists you can download a copy.
 The set includes the Phonogram Word Lists and the Hard & Soft "C" and "G" Lists I hope you can make use of them!!

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  1. Thanks for your kind words about our materials! We are so glad you are enjoying them.

    -Lori at Montessori for Everyone

    1. Thank you!! Montessori for Everyone is the first place I check for materials and great information:))

  2. Do you have the cards you made offered as a printable? Those are exactly what I have been trying to find and no time to make them:)


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