Play Market & Food Groups, Kids Playing At Home

We found this amazing Melissa & Doug Four Food Groups sorting play set.  

This is an amazing little set to take a fun look at food groups while playing.

Xander decided we should set up a market, and create currency for it.  This is our favourite children's book about the history of currency.  Xander decided we could use blocks for money.  The long rectangular blocks were in place of bills, and the cubes were coins.

We used fun shopping bags, and picked our groceries. We paid with blocks.  This was really fun because we created dinner menus together, and found the basic ingredients to make them.

Then we switched over to our Canadian currency set.

We exchanged money, and made change for basic amounts.

Our little cash register is a calculator, so we practiced punching in amounts with the decimal point.
We had so much fun with this.
We had snacks, and sat on the floor for almost 2 hours playing market!!

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