Build A Light Box, Playing With Light At Home

We built a small light box here.
This is a much larger light box that we made over the weekend. We had a wooden box, and adapted it to fit this Acrylic glass from Home Depot. We bought two thin sheets, because we could slide a sheet of parchment paper in between to diffuse the light and it works amazingly well.  I had purchased white contact paper thinking we would use it, but it was too opaque.  We did cut strips off the edge of the white contact paper to tape the edges of the plexi together.  

This blog mom used rope lighting for her box, so that's what we used here.  This is a 48 ft rope light from Home Depot. It included clips, so we could clip it down to the bottom of the box.  If it gets to close to the glass you can see a light pattern from the rope showing through - ours needed about 3 inches from the glass to just get nice even light.  We drilled a hole through the side to insert the extension cord.
We also lined the box with tin foil as suggested by many and worked great. We secured the foil edges and and covered any bare spots in the box with foil duct tape.

I brought out our boxes of plexi concentric circles, squares, and triangles from Kidadvance these were wonderful on the table.

Today was all about exploration of different shapes and materials on the table!

Ava doing a little sorting 💕

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  1. Ho do you order from Most of the time, they don't ship this side of the border??? I wish would upgrade a little...

    1. I am very close to a border crossing. About 5min from the bridge - there are two receiving depots that you can ship anything to for a small fee ... pick it up and head back across. You can either use the UPS Store or The Corporate Center. I cannot even say how much we have saved in shipping...not to mention I've yet to see many retailers that can compete with the prices their sellers offer. Yes... is basically useless to me for the things I am after.

    2. thanks! I'm going to check that up. I am not so far away from the border as well (more then 5 minutes mind you!), I am wondering if it would be a good investment to travel to the border for that.

      I have refrained from orderiing from places like Montessori N' such because of shipping issues, that would kind of open a new door...:)

    3. If you are doing any amount of ordering it is well worth it!! I was ordering a small black moveable alphabet "without" the box and it was either Montessori Outlet or Montessori N' Such...they wanted $71.00 to ship this very light weight $13.00 item to my home!!!!! That's crazy!! I actually order a lot of our materials from Kidadvance and have had amazing luck with quality and customer serivce. To ship over the border for this item was only $'s hard to beat that:)) Also fill up with gas while you are there... that will practically pay for your gas over in savings:))
      My two cents...:))

    4. Couple more things to note...
      Kidadvance offers a 10% discount on all purchases over $200 that basically will account for all shipping costs.
      Also...there is no duty on childrens "toy items" so unless you are buying a bike or things like that - all toys and such are duty free. may have to pay sales tax for NY State, but you can file to get those taxes back with Canada Customs, as you do pay hst coming back over the border.
      ... a few more cents:))


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