The Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum Christmas Children's Program

Enter the blast tunnel! Cool!

We went off on an adventure to Carp, Ontario outside of Ottawa to visit The Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum.   The 100,000sq foot Cold War Bunker was owned and operated by the Government of Canada, Department of National Defence from 1959 to 1994, and was nicknamed after John Diefenbaker, 13th Prime Minister from 1957-63.  In the event of Nuclear War the hope was the facility would provide continuity of government. It was in operation for the 33 years.

They were hosting a children's program "How the Grinch Spied on Christmas" for kids aged 5-7.  This was a very cool and interesting adventure!!  Xander went to the program with daddy while Ava and I explored the Museum.  

Decontamination showers

Now you may be wondering how exactly a three year old would enjoy visiting a Cold War Bunker. Well let me tell you. This place is amazing and almost completely interactive. There are tons of small exhibit rooms and doors to go in and explore. Miss Ava was in her glory! She went on the Dora/Bo on the Go adventure of a lifetime! Her mission was to find Xander and daddy. 
In her words..."Where is our next door? Nooo not in here... do you see Xander? Let's keep looking!" 

 We did this until we came across the model room.

This is an amazing model of the facility.  Ava fell in love with this model and was determined to add to it with Lego! 

We watched a documentary of the construction of the Bunker.

They had a great little Lego table in the room.

In the meantime Daddy and Xander were having fun!

Xander made a cryptography decoding wheel.  If you would like to make one check this out here.

Everyone needs a set of Reindeer Antlers and hot chocolate 💕

After the program we toured the museum together for a bit.

Xander found the Lego bucket.

A very cool tank model!!

Miss Ava continued on her mission to try and find a way to add Lego to the model.
This is a seriously cool model, we could completely understand her fascination with it!

Just a little further...

Captured again 💕

This was a wonderful experience.  This Museum is filled with learning opportunities for all ages. There are a couple of areas best viewed by an older audience but the staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and will direct you.  
When we return for future programs we would love to see if they incorporate a fully interactive communications room for the children with projects like the decoding wheel 
and others on a regular basis.  
There is also a Public Library right across from the entrance.  If you have older children who are visiting the Bunker it is a great spot to visit with your smaller children if you 
think they may not be interested.  
They also offer guided tours. I do love the fact that you can tour with small children on your own because it really is tough for them to sit through lengthy discussions that older visitors may be wishing to hear.

Thank you Diefenbunker!

Thanks for visiting with us!

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  1. What a great review of your visit to the Diefenbunker with your two children. It looks like they had a blast!


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