Early Grammar Farm, Montessori Grammar & Language At Home

 Our Grammar Farm lessons started with a smaller box of figures (animals and such) with word labels.  With Each introduction we will introduce the part of speech to the farm.

We moved onto the big farm and labelled it using only nouns to start.  Another great start before all of this is to make/print farm nomenclature cards check these and these.  The farm I purchased was from amazon.com, and is loaded with detail and objects for labelling. I also purchased a farm tube from Wild Republic. We do have a larger wooden farm set, but this one is relatively inexpensive and was filled with great objects.  There are a ton of similar items on the market, you need only decide what your needs are and what you would like to spend.  Here is a felt board option that is really cool, this is one of the nicest ones I've seen.

The introduction lesson boxes we made were inspired from Montessori from Everyone.

This is an incredible hands on fun way to experience grammar!

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful post! I have a friend who has been looking for help with the grammar farm so I sent her your link. Thanks for educating us all and for inspiring us to do more. Bravo!

  2. @ My Montessori MOMents...thank you so much...but really my children and all of you are my inspiration. It is truely amazing the level of home education that is going on out there!!!
    I soooo wish I could see your Facebook page!!!...still can't :((

  3. WOW! I love it! Very nice indeed. I'm so glad I found your blog. Thank you for sharing!

  4. What awesome grammar farm work, Cherine! I featured your post and photo in my Montessori-Inspired Farm Unit at http://livingmontessorinow.com/2012/04/30/montessori-monday-montessori-inspired-farm-unit/

  5. Cherine,
    Did you give Xander all of the farm labels right at first?
    I am in the process of making these in french, and I realize that I have many plural and singular words, (same goes for verbs), and at this point they are not yet able to use the right verb/adjective agreement.
    Did you start off with only a few chosen labels, or did you let him go with it?

    Thank you

    1. I actually had a smaller tray of animals and objects that he started out with. I separated the words (nouns)by difficulty, and added more later. I did not separate out plural words. I made sure that there was a label for everything in our tray, and set the rest aside. I did the same as we progressed adding in each part of speech. We moved on to the entire farm in no time!!
      I hope that helps:)

  6. Thanks!

    Is the smaller tray the box seen in this post with the nom symbol on it?
    And when you say that you did the same with the other parts of the speech, you mean starting with a smaller tray and after adding on?

    I am getting started, but I am almost there. I kinda have to finish the nitty gritty of it all before we can really begin. It helps to have people ahead of me :)
    Thank you.

    1. We used a simple wooden tray filled with animals and objects for the farm. I had a simple with a container of our selected nouns for the tray. Once he could successfully label these things. Then I added simple Articles, Verbs and Adjectives one at a time. I did not get into definitions or anything formal at this time. Once he could label everything, and put together a few small sentences we moved onto the full farm with our word trays. I did sort these word trays as well, and added more difficult words later. After the farm we started with our nomenclature 3 part cards and solids - then we started our series of object activity boxes (pictured above). This was all a process that we took slowly. We just finished our last activity box in June:))

  7. Thank you for this onformation on the grammar farm! The video link does not work. Is there any other way to access it?

    1. Sadly the video content has been taken down. I am hoping as are many it will be posted again. Check this link, and also check back now and again because perhaps maybe they will post them again. http://www.montessoriworld.org/ReadingVideo/2rContents.html


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