Montessori Early Fractions, Fractions At Home

 Introducing fractions to our tiny ones can be as simple as slicing up an apple 
during lunch or
snack time.

Craft time is also a wonderful fun way to introduce fractions this is a really cute one .
There are many fraction materials that can be easily made.  I have seen play food sets, pizza's, pie's, cakes, a huge variety of handmade items used for fraction lessons.

In addition to all of these types of simple and handcrafted materials and activities especially baking, we did purchase many Montessori fraction materials.  
I am not sorry we did, they are wonderful and the kids love them!!

Most of what I purchased was from Kidadvance and can be found here.
We simply started these materials with the Fraction Skittles, and the puzzle below.  I made the cards above for matching the skittles - they are construction paper shapes laminated to cards in the corresponding colours.  
These started purely as sensorial. 
Check out this great video of an early skittle/cone lesson here.

Both of my children love this puzzle. 

Another favourite are the Fraction Circles.  I did not buy the stands as I cannot house them that way. We store ours in a container and on trays.  I currently have the first five in use. Here is another great video explaining the presentation of these fraction puzzles here.
The Montessori Primary Guide has amazing free lessons and online album these are their fraction lessons. I love how user friendly they are in their presentation of materials.

This little box set is one we put together.  These are a set of overhead plastic fraction cut outs that go up to ten.  We made the box - added in dividers to a wood box from the dollar store.

These will be used a little later for working problems, but are certainly wonderful to use in any capacity you choose.  I already had a single set of the coloured cutouts above if I did not, I most likely would have made a simple set pulled from this box.

We have not used this yet but I can't wait till we get into, it has great reviews!!  There is a gorgeous wooden set here also if you wish to spend more.
This video in most likely one of the most inspirational videos I have ever seen showing Montessori materials used to their fullest potential you have to see it! It's amazing, creative, and beautiful to see how these children explore fractions through Montessori!!!

This is my sweet boy hard at work learning, labelling, matching, exploring and experiencing fractions.

He is matching and cross referencing materials and labelling them.

We use out metal inset paper and board/tray for making mini books for just about eveything!! Here he is tracing out his fraction puzzles and labelling them one puzzle per sheet.  
They could also trace these in red and colour them in, or cut them out of construction paper to make the images. There are tons of ideas in the video above!!!

This is his book stapled together. He "reads" this book to daddy before sleep, it's so sweet but that is the power of Montessori. Reading about fractions at bedtime and absolutely thrilled to be doing it! Makes me smile.

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  1. what an amazing post... just pinned it! Thanks for inspiring me!!!

  2. Great info about all the different resources and ways to work with fractions! Love how your boy makes booklets with everything!

  3. Thank you so much for the comments...we are having so much fun, and I am so thrilled to find such a like minded group of incredible talented creative mommy's out there to share and be shared with...Thank you ladies:))

  4. AWESOME fraction work and resources! Thanks for adding so many links. And I love reading about your son's excitement for learning! Deb @

  5. This post is such a wonderful resource! I loved reading it and seeing what you guys did for fractions. We also did fractions recently and I linked to your post when I wrote about our experiences.

  6. Thanks Lori!!! I love your play dough idea for fractions...great fun!!!!!

  7. Love the fraction works! Lots of great ideas here.

  8. Thank you for recommending every things .I try to do the fraction with my children this week as soon as my instrument is ready.Your children are so cute and wonderful.

    1. Thank you for the kind compliments you're so sweet. Let me know if you put pictures up I'd love to see!!!

  9. I love this as a resource. where did you buy the fraction circle puzzle I cannot find it anywhere. with the green background. thanks

    1. I put a link in the post to them, but here it is again:)
      The set featured in this link do not seem to have white knobs but they are the same wooden fraction circles. The wooden version was less expensive than the metal set at the time so I purchased them instead. Though Kidavdance has them now cheaper than the version above but are currently sold out. I am sure they will restock them. Hope that helps!! :)


  10. I love this post! Thank you so much for taking the time to document everything you did to teach fractions. I'm featuring this post with one picture as part of a fraction activity round up at I'm also pinning this post to my math wall!

    1. Thank you so much Renae! I will head over and check out your post :)

  11. Hello,

    Are the wooden fraction puzzles the same size as the metal ones? I have the
    centesimal circle and protractor and would like to use the fraction circles with it. The plastic ones from other sources are too small. I have found some wooden ones and need to know the size.

    Thank you`

    1. I am assuming that they are, but given that we own only the wooden set I can't be completely sure. Ours fit our protractors very nicely. I hope that helps. Good luck with your set!


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