DIY "I Spy" Bottle, Sensory Activities At Home

This activity is like a sensory bin in a bottle.

We used sensory bins for scooping and feel and find games. Above we used our dried bean and pea bin for shapes feel and find. We would ask each other to find shapes "Can you find a green heart?"

 There are many versions of these bottles out there. We made this bottle many years ago. They can also be purchased online.  The ideas are endless. You require a base material to fill your bottle and then small object to mix in. Ours contains tiny beads and small objects and holiday craft supplies.
We created a sheet of images for additional fun. we could choose the object to find. Or find and place a bingo marker over the image.

Both of our children are sensory seekers to this day and there are many other types of things we have available for them at home in addition to all of our time outdoors in the sandbox, pool, garden and backyard fun.

Here are few of our favourites at home right now.

Perler Beads are a huge favourite that they love running their fingers through. We often use objects in these boxes.

Rice is a super easy and cheap option that we love.

We LOVE Kinetic Sand. 

Orbie's or water absorbing polymer beads.

We store all of our sensory materials in large freezer bags, on hooks in our craft cupboard.

Great fun!

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