Clocks, Time & Calendars With Kids, Time Activities At Home

I thought we would share some of the fun activities we are checking out to explore time, clocks and calendars.

Above you can see our set of Time 3 Part Cards for hours, half hours, and quarter hours. Our cards are colour coded to match our fraction skittles.

We use our large fraction skittles to chat about whole, half and quarters, in relation to the clock.

Also on the table are our set of Parts of a Clock 3 Part Cards.

   The small yellow clocks above are awesome and function so well.  These clocks wonderful in that they have very visible markings for minutes.  We created 3 sets of clock time cards. The idea is that we can pick cards randomly from the pile or mystery bag (any small opaque bag), and then make the time on our clock. Our cards are in sets - hour, half hours, quarters Set 2 - five and tens.  Set 3 - minutes through to 60.  We use a pencil to count the minutes around the clock, and then set the time.
We created a build a clock activity in our printable package to use with these cards as well.

We use our time cards to draw the time on our clock blanks. We also found an amazing large clock stamp.This is fun to stamp and record the time.

 My daughter is loving this clock.

 A few books we love...
Tell time with Thomas, is amazing for early concepts. Your child can set the hours on the moveable clock to keep a schedule for the trains.  A Busy Year and A Second Is a Hiccup, are amazing books for really understanding the passage of time and seasons. They really are beautiful stories.

 This is a calendar activity that I created.  You could certainly cut up a calendar, but we had fun colour coding the seasons and adding in images on holidays and family birthdays, for Xander to really relate, associate and retain the months of the year with the help of dates that meant a great deal to him.  The initial presentation is to lay out all the months on a large surface/floor, and then put them in order.  I printed a colour coded months control sheet.

We created abbreviation matching cards for the months and weeks. We will include these cards in our printable time package.

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  3. Such details in this post! Thanks for sharing. I've taught my daughter to tell time, just working with a toy clock. She does good and now we are moving on to telling time by the minute... this post was helpful in know how I can do it the montessori way! Thanks again!

  4. This is great stuff! This was the first site I checked on ideas for Montessori clock-work at home, and I think it has provided all the info I need! Thank you!

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