DIY Montessori 3 part Card Trays, Montessori Materials At Home

 My amazing husband made these 3 part cards trays for us.  The bases were cut from old masonite backing from IKea picture frames. The sides and dividers are left over strips of wood, from other projects. Rectangular wood dowel rods would work very well for these trays as well, because the sides do not need to be very deep. 

 We used carpenters glue to assemble. We taped the corners with painters tape to act as a clap for drying, and then placed them under a piece of wood to ensure a good bond while drying.  I lightly sanded them when dry.  Many of us use printed 3 part cards from various sources online or make our own. Our trays are a bit larger to accommodate various sizes of cards.

We house our 3 part cards & others in these clear recipe boxes with coloured card stock dividers.

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  1. You have great ideas and I love the 3 part card trays! My husband is very handy too so I will copy your trays if you don't mind. Would you mind sharing the dimensions please. Thanks, Monica.

  2. Please do!!! I find most cards are different sizes so...I just placed my cards on a peice of paper, and traced the rough dimensions and had him make the trays. I did a couple different sizes to work with my cards - or you could just do a few to fit the largest of your collection.
    Let me know how they turn out :))

  3. I cannot say how much info I am getting from your posts that are extremely useful to me. Thank you so much! I am now going back and reading all your posts!

  4. Mommy to the Princesses - Thank you!!!
    I really appreciate hearing that...I really try to include as many sources and inspiration links as I can...I am so happy it's helpful to you!!!

  5. oops! I said you didn't answered and I was WRONG! My face is red! I didn't realized that you did answered below and it wasn't a direct reply. Anyway, you don't need to post the other comment it is for you anyway. Thank you for sharing!! and once again I LOVE your blog!!!!

    1. LOL!!! I am sorry I didn't do a direct reply - for some reason I am thinking it wasn't available back then?? I am sorry you didn't see it till now! Let me know how they turn out:)) Thank you Monica you are very sweet!!


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