DIY Continents Globe, Montessori Geography Materials At Home

Inspired by all of the amazing globes I've seen others make out there, I opted to make ours instead of purchasing one! 

I was able to find two really cheap outdated globes on a used website in our area. Outdated is great because you will be painting them out and it doesn't make a difference. 
The second globe below is for our Sand paper Land and Water Globe.

 I will say this was a bit of a process.  I used simple acrylic craft paint from Michael's Crafts here this paint was great for coverage and it drys very quick, smooth and without many brush strokes showing.  When I first started it was like painting a wall red and it looks terrible for the first couple of coats, so be patient. 
I started out painting the water but I don't think it matters. You can be as detail oriented as you wish, but I was going for the basic shape of the continents. 
As you paint you can go back and fix the edges as you wish.

I used a water based satin spray to clear coat the globe when I was finished, so that I can dust it and wipe if needed.

   I love the results and the kids do too!!!
Let us know if you make one! 

If you are interested in our Montessori Continents 3 Part Cards you can visit our Printables Store.

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  1. May I ask in what order you painted this? I've seen a few other websites where people attempting to paint their own were not pleased with the results, but yours is lovely! I'm just starting to make materials for my 2 year old and I'm finding lots of inspiration on your blog!

  2. Hi Stephanie!!

    I started out painting the water first. I used my puzzle map for comparison to see exactly what interms of Islands, and land lines they used to keep it similar as I could.
    Then I started with a rough paint in of the continent colors. I may have went back and forth between land & water...approx 3 coats of paint. The last coat was on the continents, and I was able to touch up the edges and add anything I was missing. It is time consuming, but if you are patient it can look wonderful!!
    I also found the craft paint recently in a Dollar store, and at Walmart!! The paint makes all the difference...I think the brand I used was Folk or the equivalent.
    I used artist brushes large flat and a tiny point brush.
    When it was all completely dry I used a water based clear coat - about 3 it's durable, and washable if need be.
    Hope that helps!!!
    There are so many wonderful things to make...check out the Counting Coconuts blog (if you haven't already) she has a ton of very early activities to make.
    Good Luck!!!

  3. Hi,I am Japanese.

    The globe you made are so cool!!
    I have wanted to make such a globe by myself.

    because in Japan, There are few shop I can buy montessori materials and too expensive to buy all materials. So,I did individual import of many materials form U.S.A)

    Thank you so much share your idea.

  4. Your DIY continents globe is AMAZING, Cherine ... so well done! I featured your post and photo in my DIY Montessori Globes post at

  5. Thank you so much for posting this. I proceeded to make my own and the corresponding felt map from Imagine Our Life. Your instructions were spot on. 3 Coats of paint and a sealer. I am super happy with how my globe turned out. Now, off to to paint the sand globe.


I greatly appreciate your friendly comments and feedback. I love to see what others are making, so please feel free to include a links and share your site with us!!! If you have any questions regarding any of the materials we have made...I'd love to help!!! Thank you for visiting us:)



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