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We thought it would be fun to share some of our storage at home. We have a large collection of books, games and toys that live with us. It was important to make them as organized and accessible to our kids as possible. We do not have a family room (yet), so this was a challenge as we have many things in our main living areas.

This shelf is from Toys R Us, and we use it in the dining room for books, colouring books and various other things. This has been so convenient in a tight space to make make these books easily accessible to our children.

 This is one of two antique walnut corner units that I painted and refurbished. I really loved the space on the bottom, it was the perfect height for toddler toys & books. 

 This is one of two built in living room units with closed storage on the bottom.  This side is for games and puzzles, and at the perfect height to access.  The kids can easily see and reach these items, close up and put them away.  These units also have baskets tucked underneath for toddler books and small toys.

This is a large book shelf from Ikea in Xander's bedroom. Our readers are on the bottom as we do a great deal of reading at night with them.  Also below we built a book rail to have nightly story picks, and favourites close at hand.

Some our favourite toy stage solutions at this moment.

 I love these parts containers from Canadian Tire.  I use them to store all of our Play Mobil figures, and small items from our play sets.  The open container houses castle, ship, figures & accessories The bottom is all Pyramid play set stuff.  Anyone who has Play Mobil knows it comes with a ton of tiny little things, so these have been awesome.
This is our Playmobil table. It is a round coffee table with 4 foam mats placed on the top, and cut into a circle to protect the surface.  I put more of these mats around the base to protect the hardwood.
We also have two small upholstered cubes that tuck under this table for seating, and open up to house more Playmobil parts.

These units are from Ikea, and are located in a basically unused front hall space. We use our back door for entry so this space was sitting open and available for good storage.
We house toys, dress up, and rhythm instruments in these bins.  The white bins on top have developmental toys in them.  These bins are from the dollar store.  Each bin has a different game in it.  They are easy to take down, and put back.

Below is some of our current craft storage.  This is a large low drawer in the kitchen.  It is stocked with easy access items, that are organized in clear sectioned bins from Ikea.  
We have glue, scissors, hole punch, stickers and lots of crafty things for the kids to create with.  
They can access and use this drawer when ever they like.  It is in the kitchen so it's easy clean up. We have a small table & chairs in the kitchen for these projects and fun.  I also use a low kitchen cupboard for craft supplies as well.  It has paints, brushes, large caddy for markers, scissors, coloured pencils, paper, and crayon bucket.

This is our "small brick" Lego area in our sons room.  We are just starting on our journey collecting Lego. We do have another area with a table to use med-larger sized blocks as well. The table is from Ikea, and we cut down the legs to his height and painted.  The top has lots of building plates. I did not stick them down, as he likes to work on the floor as well.

I found the idea to use this parts cabinet from google images under Lego storage.  We do not have enough Lego at this point to separate by colour, but this cabinet is useful to organize all of our parts in separate drawers for easy retrieval. These cabinets are stack-able and can also be mounted on the wall. I really like the shallow depth, you could do a wall of these if you liked!  There is a file folder to the left for instruction sheets and booklets.  The cube (also for seating) opens for more storage. 

This case is for special Lego Ninjago pieces, figures and cards.

We were using a huge amount of space trying to accommodate DVD and CD cases CRAZY!  So we found 2 HUGE books to house them all!  We stored all of the cases in a tote in the garage.  I love these, we have it organized by movie type i.e. kids section etc.
The music case is organized much the same. 

Our space and needs are always changing with our family.

Thank you for visiting and checking our space!
Happy organizing!

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  1. god sherine i have so much to learn from you .one priority for now is organizing and storing our Lego . like you we are just starting our collection farm set , vehicles building set, and house building . firdt thing i did taking the booklets apart and laminating the pages so they can survive little hands rough handling . i am looking around for ideas for a diy table that can have storage space underneath , i saw your drawers and they look great . do you have an online link where to find them , which brand ?? also do you keep your lego organized by sets how they came ?? or you mixed your sets together . any help in how you filled the drawers is great , i am always happy to learn from other more experienced . love viv

    1. You are far too kind:)) Thank you!!!
      The parts containers are drawer unit are from Canadian Tire...but you can get them at Walmart. I used to think that we needed to separate by sets, but now we just have individual parts per drawer. You can label the drawers if you like with a picture of the part. This way they can build from any booklet, right from the cabinet. Xander has had so much fun coming up with his own vehicles and designs by mixing sets. He does have the Lego Ninjago Fire Temple, and it is still completely in tact - it took him 14 hours to build it over Christmas:)) I do keep a case for special Ninjago parts.
      The shelving in his closet is basic storage stuff, but it displays all of his Lego Hero Factory figures so nicely. He does have a case for spare parts for those, but mainly they stay built for play.
      The table...well our table needs work. My thought for the table are... simple- large - work surface.
      I could have cut out a big hole to drop a bin into it, but that takes up sooo much work space. I may do a table top over drawer units at some point. I love the parts cabinets with the tiny clear drawers because the drawers can also be taken out - to the table should he wish. I love the big mixed tubs for Duplo Lego (my daughter uses these). They have another small kids table with a bigger Duplo size building plate on it, with bins on a shelf beside to take out for building. Xander loves to spread out when he works with Lego so a large table worked well for us and he also works a ton on the floor. I also keep a loose parts bucket for him to sort and put away as needed.
      Good luck with your lego!!! Send me a link so I can see what you did for yours!!

    2. PS...I have since put his building booklets in a scrap book album (with the large clear pockets) for him to flip through:))

  2. Just found your blog & love it! Where did you find the green marker caddy? It's adorable! Thanks so much!!

    1. Thank you!!! I bought the caddy at a discount Canadian retailer called Winners. There are lots of them popping up here and there now though. There is a Martha Stewart version at Michael's Crafts? Thanks again!!


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