Montessori Hundreds Board, Early Montessori Math At Home

The Hundreds Board is an early material that has great reach and practical purpose. 
We use recycled fruit cups to hold our number tiles in groups of 10. 

Our number tiles are random in each cup. Xander is placing the number tiles in order on the board. This is directly a linear counting and number recognition exercise. As your child places the number tiles in each row the pattern of numbers becomes apparent.

 It's amazing all of the number relationships and patterns, he is pointing out now when doing this work.  
As I observe him using these materials, I am amazed at how his mind works.  

Making a Hundred Board is not difficult and the easiest most inexpensive method is to print one. You can laminate yours for durability.  We purchased our board online.
Xander loves the Hundred Board!  

If you are looking for an economical option to use the Hundred Board and many other Montessori Math materials at home, you can check out our Printable Store.

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