The Broad or Brown Stair, Pink Tower & Extension work

Well...I asked my amazing husband to make the Pink Tower & Brown Stair for us.  He did an incredible job!!  I will say that while this was no terribly difficult to make it was very fussy and time consuming - but very rewarding.  We used some new and scrap lumber that required lots of laminating and piecing to get the correct dimensions when cut down.  Tons of sanding and spray painting later and voila!! Now you can also leave these natural if you so desire...many are sold that way as well - I just chose to paint them. To see one in unfinished wood look here .
For a great explanation and lessons for these materials check here and here.
I printed all of the extensions and made a couple with construction paper Bristol board and my favorite all time thing I found on another super mom's blog...clear contact paper by the roll at Walmart for 10bucks!!!  You can laminate durably - a ton of print it!!

I did purchase the cubes and prisms extensions from Alison's Montessori (great price)- for later use.
The number cards are free here. The extensions pictured here are from Montessori Print Shop here.
Montessori Print Shop has many amazing sonsorial extensions and command/activity cards.



  1. Beautiful Pink Tower and Brown Stairs!!!!

  2. Thank you!!! ...a bit of a chore to make but certainly worth it!!!

  3. Thank you for the amazing inspiration. I am an early childhood teacher at a school which adapts montessori's curriculum. We've never had any particular training for that and so I've just learned through books and internet. And sometimes I have no more ideas what to do with these sensorial materials. :) Thank you very much.
    I will definitely follow your blog.


    1. I really appreciate hearing that:)) We are all out here learning, and gaining inspiration from each's so exciting!! Thank you:))

  4. the link for the images of the extension (pinktower and brown stair)do not appear..... can you post the link (or the images) at :

    thank you so much.

    1. There are two links to the extensions I used in the post. I did not place links on the photos. I hope that helps.


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