Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Montessori Phonogram Folders & Booklets using Power Point Presentations

Learning to recognise and read Phonograms is another amazing important part of the Montessori reading journey.  Phonograms are combined (mainly consonant and vowel) letter sounds that do not always sound phonetically some examples would be "wr" sounds as "rrrr", "oa" and  "oe" both make the long "O" sound.  Understanding and sight recognition of phonograms is a very important piece of the puzzle when learning to read.  In the beginning with our letter sound bags, boxes or cabinets then Pink Series reading our children have become very used to sounding phonetically then heading into blends with the Blue Series and forward to Green we are encountering more complex phonograms getting an early grasp on them will make for a very proficient little reader. 

Here is a wonderful explanation of Phonogram Folders here to download a very inexpensive set check here. This blog also has Phonogram 3 part cards though you certainly could make your own but these are wonderful for the initial introduction to phonograms along with Sandpaper Phonogram Cards (you can also very easily make these the same as you might make sandpaper letter cards look here) with some main high frequency phonograms we build on that later with the Phonogram Folders after the child is comfortable reading them, and has a good understanding of what they are.
These are the 3 part cards I purchased here.

 This is Xander working with the cards - this set includes simple blends and then the more complex Phonograms as they progress through their series work.  We worked on a few of the most frequent and easily sounded blends he might encounter first.  I created word cards for each of these - you can read them to your child to start you can also include photos beside the words.  He practiced writing them with chalk, but you can also use your sand tray.  I also did object bags for "th"  "ch"  "sh" here.  Silent "e" is another lesson we moved quickly on look here.

  I decided it would be fun to do the Phonogram Folders in a Power Point Presentation for Xander!  

I also did a presentation for blends. This is so much fun because I can record the blend or phonogram sound on the beginning page.  I did try to avoid stark contrast text because it is very hard on the eyes.

Here are some great posts and links with Phonogram work. Look herehere, here, here, and here!Also watch this blog for free Phonogram complete folders she has them listed (scroll down the page) and will post them for download in the near future she makes amazing quality stuff it will be worth the wait!!

Phonogram Folders - you can print them off and contain them to your preference - envelopes ( these are adorable) baskets, bags, boxes. I don't think it matters. I used the ones in the link for my inspiration in making folders for my set of cards below.

I used scrapbook paper ( I had a book of it) in greens because this Phonogram work mainly occurs during the Green Series. I trimmed the paper to a width I thought would accommodate my cards comfortably, and then started folding back and forth to create pockets for the cards...I did have to play around with this a bit.  I made a spacer to get even folds...then I made a cover.  I taped all the folds around the sides, and also the back, cover, and label.  I will laminate (it's much easier to laminate if everything is tacked together with tape) the back and front cover to hold everything securely, and for durability - also the cards.
Now you can make separate packets for each individual phonogram, and then put the sets in another folder, however I thought it may work better for our needs to house all the cards in one packet with a label.  There are a few phonograms that I would like to add, so I will make them on my own.


  1. Hi Cherine. Love that Power Point Presentation idea. Is there any chance you would share the document? Thanks, Zara

  2. Hi Cherine, This is such a great idea. You're so creative. Would you mind sharing the power point file with me? You could email me directly at sususaya(at)hotmail(dot) com. I'm still new at homeschooling and montessori. So, any help would be greatly appreciated. Ps: I respect your work & copyright will always remain yours. (my husband does photography, so, i know the 'sacredness' of copyrights). Many thanks, Zara


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