Complete List of Montessori Materials and What they do for the Child

I found this list, and thought I would share for anyone who may not have seen it.  It is wonderful to see this in list form in one document...I found it very helpful.
Check out the list here!! 

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  1. I am just starting out as an assistant and this was the best document I have found so far...although I wish it included the ages the material is appropriate for :)

    1. There is an order of introduction for all Montessori Materials also depends 100% on the child. Many materials are used and reintroduced later for different resaons... at different ages. If you visit Montessori Research and Development and look at the index for each manual you will have a great idea of the order. These are wonderful manuals. As you look through the index you can google the materials and check out text and video lessons that will tell you the approx ages.
      I hope that helps:))

  2. I am so very sorry, but I do not sell materials. I purchased the majority of our materials from Kidadvance. We also have made many materials - you can check those out along the left sidebar. I wish you the very best of luck!!

  3. If this is something shared with parents, there is another reason for NOT including ages. They may see them as benchmarks; wanting to know why their child isn't doing something or is still doing something (labeled younger than the child's age).

    1. So true!! I think though that as home schooling parents we are always looking for a general guideline. Totally makes sense though:)


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