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Happy 2017!

 Hello everyone! I wish to thank you all for visiting with us not only last year, but also to those who have been following our home schooling journey since we began sharing online back in 2010. It’s been and incredible time of learning, living and growing.                     Thank you for being there with us.

While we are extremely busy like most of you out there following our children and learning at home, we have also been working hard to offer materials to those who are seeking additional resources online.

As some of you may know we launched our new web store at Shopify!                         
It's very exciting to have an organized place to offer materials with fantastic features to make resource hunting easier and fun. We have continued to group materials in packages that make sense. 
Over the years in looking for resources it was so difficult at times to find complete materials especially for math, that included everything I needed to use the materials. I was not interested in hunting for the right equations slips and other support materials, but in many cases I was forced to. When we created many of our packages it was really amazing to create things that we wished we’d had all along.                                       
We have continued to offer our materials at an incredibly reduced cost, especially for those who need it at home.

We have a huge range of printables in development, and we have just released our huge NEW Geography Continent Collection!

A Practical Guide to Montessori Materials &    

Home Schooling

I wish to thank all those who expressed interest and asked questions about our book that we are  working to release. This book has grown in scope and has taken far longer than I ever anticipated to complete. The main reason for this is that I am trying to answer all of the questions I had early on, in a comprehensive and extremely visual, practical way. 
I am working to cover the vast majority of Montessori materials from 3 -12. Below are a couple of page examples from our Early Language Section. 
This is one of two pages of the table of contents for Early Language.

The release date has been pushed off several times and I so appreciate your patience. The book is surpassing 500 pages at this point, and is such an exciting project.

Who is this Book For?
This book is primarily targeted to home schoolers, parents and students who wish to gain practical insight into the materials and philosophy.  
My goal is to bring you all of the information you need, and will offer DIY solutions and alternatives for many materials. We will answer the following questions about all materials. “What is (material) this material?” “What is the purpose?” Can I make this?” 
I chat at length about our experience in practically using these materials at home. What general ages we used materials and what worked for us as well as what did not. We are laying our the sequence for materials and answering all of the most commonly asked questions. We are sharing information about all of the extra materials that are not offered with materials that are purchased online. We are chatting about organization and what it's like to create a Children's House at home. 

This book also contains a great deal of detailed information about home schooling in general, answering the most frequently asked questions and concerns of home schoolers and those they love who are struggling to understand the concept.                                                                
This book above all else is about freedom of choice, and a love of home learning in what ever form this may take in your home. This is not about imposing ideas or philosophies on others, but is wholeheartedly about celebrating the individuality of home life, children and families.

While this book will provide the traditional use and information about Montessori materials, it will show you that all things can be affordably incorporated in whole or part by your family if you so choose. The intention of this book is to help you make Montessori yours, and at the end of the day the best choice is that which works for your family and children. 

This book does not contain fluff, or busy work. This book is about living and enjoying life while incorporating this method. We truly live the philosophy that the world is our classroom, and this has taken our passion for learning to a completely different level. 

We are not home learners because we had no alternatives or schools available.               We are home learners completely by choice. 

Maria Montessori's own words speaking of the Children's House as written in her book,Maria Montessori’s Own Hand Book

“It ought to be a real house ; a set of rooms with a garden. A garden with shelters because children can play or sleep under them, also bring their tables out to work under them. In this they may live almost entirely in the open air.”

~ Maria Montessori

I am excited to complete this project, and honestly there have been times that I have doubted I could find the needed time to finish. We are a busy family like most other families, and our children are involved in many different activities and have a huge range of self chosen and directed interests. I have chosen to stick with it because I so hope to reach any who were in the place that I was when I started. There are more resources available now than ever, and while it is amazing it's also as confusing as it ever was. 

I hope to have news of completion in the very near future! The book has been created in sections and I am debating on the format for release as well. You all will be the first to know when it is ready!

Much love and many thanks to you all, and to those who have asked for more information.

We wish you all a wonderful  beautiful year of home learning, fun, and joy with your families!   
All the best in 2017!

For those who are interested I have shared a look at Early Reading Materials and our use in our home.   This video is available through Trillium Montessori Home school Summit 2017. 
We have a another large and exciting early language related project in the works as well. I will share more news of this soon but my top priority is to finish our book!



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